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13 Temmuz 2011


One of my dream came true.. I was in Ticino :))


camp ground

... 5b, Valérie

Hebelgesetz 7a, Verner

Bella Gnocca 7b, Sylva

trying to Virtuvian Man 7c.. with Sam

Volo di Rondine 5b, Evren

Los Cursos (souvenir start) 7b, Sam

Gschirrlade 6b, Slyva

Totto Baz 7a+
Traumadienst 6a, Evren

Aktifit C 7b+
Boogalagga Slap 6a+
just a nice memory of Boogalagga :))

We were here just for 3 days :(( but it's a good reason to come back again...
Some of Boulders I Did:*Aktifit C (7b+)
*Bella Gnocca (7b) flash*Easy Going (7b)
*Los Cursos-souvenir start (7b)
*Tetto Baz (7a+)
*Bonzai Garden (7a)
*Hebelgesetz (7a) flash*Aktifit (7a) flash*Schwarzes (7a)
Special Thanks to Olivier and Valérie Nicolet and all DBloc Team...

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